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Our Companys Mission

Our company is a family owned and operated business started from the ground up in early 2017. We have worked very hard for the great reputation our company has today with valuing customer relations, offering excellent prices, and supplying a quality of service that can't be beat! 

The main objective is that our customers are satisfied with our communication, work ethic, and job cost. Most of all we want to obtain a working business/client relationship for years to come!

Josh Abernethy (Owner)

Pressure Tech

Power Washing Services

We are a company geared towards the needs of the customer. Our goal is customer satisfaction because word of mouth is our best advertisement.

Please take a look at our service list below and see if there is anything we can help you with.

Thank you for looking at our website and we look forward to do business with you!

Josh Abernethy (Owner)


Equipment Cleanup

Is your equipment dirty from a long day on the job site? Give us a call, we can clean it for you!



Our business is Fully Insured so rest assured your home, one of the most expensive things you will ever own, is in good hands. Our policy covers any mishap that could occur while on your premises.


Church Steeples

We are right at home when it comes to high and hard to reach places. If your steeple is in desperate need of a face lift we can safely treat and wash it, to bring back its original luster!  


Soft wash service

Our Home Soft wash is a low pressure home cleaning with our special house wash solution,  then a low pressure rinse to remove all mold, mildew, and dirt from your home. The low psi ensures that no damage is done to your siding, windows, soffits, or any other parts of your home.

Whitnened Gutters

gutter whitening

& Debris removal

We offer gutter whitening to remove the black stains, and streak marks from clogged, over run gutters. Our debris removal is done by hand because using pressure will make a mess on your roof and home. We also take care not to leave any gutter debris in your yard.

Brick Cleaning

brick cleaning

No matter what it is, from mold and dirt, to paint and calcium buildup, we have the correct tools, chemicals & knowledge to get your brick looking great once again!

Woo Restoration

decks, docks & fencing

Our wood cleaning service is premium! We have the right blend of chemicals and knowledge of psi in order not to damage your wood and make your deck, dock or fence look brand new again!

Surface Cleaning

concrete cleaning

 Our surface cleaners combined with just the right chemicals per application allow us to make your concrete look new again in a very time efficient manner!


roof washing

Our roof cleaning service removes mold and mildew, which deteriorates the glue holding your shingle rock in place, and adds years of life back to your roof. Not to mention it will look great after! We use our special blend of cleaner to soak your roof and the stains and grime will disappear! 

Tank Cleaning

Commercial Services

We also offer commercial services, with a wide range of things we can clean for you. If you want to know if we can wash it... just ask!

Our Process
Surface Cleaning
Our Large Surface Cleaner
Soft Washing Rinse

Operating Hours

Monday - Friday: Open 7am-8pm

Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

Call us to schedule your free quote and appointment today!

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Josh Abernethy (Owner)

Pressure Tech Power Washing

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6555 Deer haven Dr, Mt. Pleasant, NC United States 28124

(980) 521-2010

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