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No more walking to the rig to turn the soap off!


This unit allows you to turn the soap/SH on & off to your downstream injector remotely from up to 700ft away.

Being able to do this allows you to soap a house (strobe on) with the normal soap nozzles, then turn off the soap (strobe off) with the hand held waterproof remote and with the same low presssure soap nozzles you can now rinse the soap from the house. 


The box  has a 3 way valve to select either soap/SH during the wash process, then when finished turn the selector to water and rinse out the box internals for storage.

Unit has 1/4" poly braid hose in 6' lengths for Soap/SH, Water pickup & Injector Feed Line.

It is powered by 12 volts and comes with 6' of power cord.


What this setup will work on:

Pressure washers w/ in line chemical injector


What is in our weatherproof pvc box?


12v Actuated Banjo Poly Ball Valve

Poly 3 Way Soap/Rinse Ball Valve

12v Long range Remote Control

On/Off switch 

Volt meter

Activation Strobe

Cable glands on hose and wire for weatherproof insertion into box


Your package will come with:

One box with all contents listed above

6' of Hose Per Connection

6' Power Cord

1 Wireless Remote


These units come with a conditional 1 year parts and labor warranty


Items not covered under warranty are: Mistreatment, Stripped threads & Incorrect hookup.

All warranty claims will be determined upon evaluation. 


All units are built to order and may take up to a week give or take before shipped, depending on parts availability.

Remote Downstream Injection Box

  • Use On/Off switch every time to stop accidental remote actuation & battery drainage.

    Make sure to use selector valve to rinse box internals after every use.

    System is 12 volts only!

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